Providing Quality Scottish Fish & Shellfish
Around the world.

Award winning fresh, cooked and frozen Scottish seafood.


D. R. Collins & Son supply award winning restaurants around the country and around the world. Fished in local waters, landed in Eyemouth, delivered to your door, we can be proud of the fact we monitor and oversee every stage of our produce.

Established in 1952, D. R. Collin & Son is based in Eyemouth, Berwickshire in the South of Scotland. The town lies 5 miles north of the English border, where the mouth of the river Eye provides a natural harbour.

Featured Produce

With fish and shellfish sourced both locally and from all around the UK, our customers are guaranteed fresh, sustainable catches delivered daily to our dedicated factories in Eyemouth and then transported by our expert distribution fleet to our loyal customers.

In 2008 we established our own dedicated cooking plant. We have now grown our business to include 8 dedicated plants and 3 fresh fish shops around the UK. This has vastly expanded our product range and now enables us to supply the full range of cooked and fresh produce.

Our Fleet

We deliver our product with our own dedicated transport fleet of over 50 vehicles to locations such as Boulogne Sur Mer on a daily basis. This gives us greater control and allows us the flexibility to collect from and deliver to our suppliers and international customers. Our growing fleet includes:

Small Vans

- 1,000kg
- Fully refrigerated
- 2 Pallets

Light Delivery Vans

- 2,000kg
- Fully refrigerated
- 6 Pallets

Medium Delivery Vans

- 13,000kg
- Fully refrigerated
- 16 Pallets

Artic Trucks

- Options for Live Produce
- 22,000kg
- Fully refrigerated
- 26 Pallets

The Taste

Of Scotland

Sourcing, transporting and supplying the very best of Scottish seafood, around the world.